Saturday, October 13, 2007

Back to Equilibrium for the Moment

Tony is at Boy Scout Camp for the weekend, bringing the emotional level in the house way down. He is very intense and has an incredibly loud voice and loves to get in other people's faces to bother them with no provocation. So when he is gone it is a different place.

Salinda got a court order saying she needs to stay home unless accompanied by an adult which she argued about a long time. We finally agreed to let her friend spend the weekend here since she couldn't go anywhere.

When I blog I always envision a gallery of lurking critics thinking "Why would you let her spend time with someone she has gotten in trouble with?" So I need to respond to what I guess my critics might be thinking...

First, the more parents try to keep their kids away from certain people, the more they are drawn to them. And, when they get to a certain age, they will do what they are going to do.

Second, I am obeying the court order. I am keeping Salinda home. The girl is in legal trouble too, so if they screw up they get locked up. If they are here I can keep an eye on them, and if they leave the consequences are theres, but no judge is going to question me as to why I let her out of my house.

Third, both girls have apologized and made it clear they want to make better choices. Sure, this could be a line, but it also could be an effort that should be validated by someone. It could be that the two of them together might actually use their predicament to make good choices.

and finally, if I have to choose between not looking like a fool and being merciful and gracious, I will choose the latter always. I'm not stupid. I know I have been fooled and played many many times by my kids and their friends. BUT I will always say the words "I forgive you" when the words "I'm sorry" are uttered. My God is a God of not just second chances, but multiple chances, so I can do nothing less than extend that grace even when I know others will see me as a fool.

So, we have a guest for the weekend and so far it has gone quite well...We had a peaceful night and the morning is beginning that way.

The only hitch is that I have a horrible cold and I feel lousy....

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