Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh, What a Night (and no, it's not late December back in 63)

I wrote that it was 10 and all was good. And Bart and I talked a little and then I tried to go to sleep. But I forgot a couple of key issues:

1) I took a midol mid afternoon. Apparently they are designed to pick up the mood... and to keep you from sleeping ... ever again.

2) Ric, Sadie and Dom had been to a lock in on Friday night adn stayed up until 4 a.m. Thus, they slept a lot of the day.

So, I came to bed and couldn't sleep. I find Sadie in her room roaming around at 11:00. I remind her she needs to go to bed.

I went downstairs and wrote an email to the P.O. for Salinda. Didn't send it until Bart checks it.

Came back to bed about 11:30. Fell asleep around midnight. At 12:30 Dominyk wakes me up. I can't sleep. I suggest that he reads a book. He says maybe he'll take a bath. I agree he can do that.

At 1:30 he wakes me up. Mom, it's 1:30 A.M. It's morning so I got dressed for church. I remind him that we still ahve 8 hours before it is time for church.

At 2:30 he wakes me up again. Mom, there is something brown in my belly button. You need to look. I sleepily tell him to get a Q-Tip.

At 4:00 Tony wakes me up. He can't sleep. He is excited about going to spend the week with friends of ours. Can he take a bath? Sure, take a bath I say.

At 5:00 I swear I smell eggs cooking. Tony will not confess to cooking anything. Dominyk has finally fallen asleep.

At 6:00 I awaken. TTB is kicking in (Teeny-Tiny Bladder) and I need to take care of that.

At 7:00 Bart wakes up and spends a full hour b-bopping around the room, watching TV while he irons and packs.

At 8:00 I give up and get out of bed. I shower. And now, I blog.

In an hour we leave for church. Then we leave for thh shuttle to the airport. I'm sleepy and I have a headache. I better find another one of those Midol!!

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