Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Outfit

Henry's mom showed up with another outfit so of course, another picture must be taken. ;-) I have one shot of her crying just to prove she does, but i'm not posting it and ruining the image of the perfect baby i'm creating.

Henry is such a gentle, caring and nurturing dad. It's been fun to watch.


Joni said...

Hey Claudia,

You're granddaughter is BEAUTIFUL!! What a precious lil' soul! Born in enough time to ring in the New Year!! How exciting. What a thing to celebrate as we bring in 2010. Congrats! to you and Salinda and Henry. I wanted to offer you a completely FREE photo shoot of the NEW granddaughter and your family if you would like. I've decided since I own my own business that the least I could do is some "pay-it-back" work for the new year. So I'm starting with offering FREE photo shoots and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to photograph your family.
I don't live too far from you as I'm in South side of the TC. :) Hope 2010 brings more great and wonderfulness to you and your family. BTW, I LOVE your blog. It gives great insight into how adoption through the foster care system really is. I am seriously considering doing Crisis Nursery in the near future when I move out and get my own place and really appreciate knowing the insides and outs of foster care. Someday I would LOVE to have coffee/dinner with you and get to know more about your personal experiences with it. So thank you for your truthfulness and straight-forward nature about such an issue. WE NEED MORE people like you in this world; you do such a GREAT thing for these children.

Claudia said...

Joni -- what an awesome offer! Please contact me by email and we'll set it up. I'm not sure a family photo would be a good plan, but certainly there are members of the family that would love to pose for some good pictures.