Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Latest

So I get the text at 10:25 that they are going to induce today but don't know what time.

So I start heading out fast and furiously.

At 11:45 after several vague texts she tells me her sister is waiting to be picked up. I say, "Why? What if they don't induce until 4 or 5?

No response.

I call her.

She says she is going to go in at 1 and that they will induce when she gets there.

We're 75 minutes away.

But they are usually late.

So immediately I sent Rand for John and Sadie, the only ones who want to go with us, and am now packing.

And just so you konw, Brian and Jill are saints. They are keeping Tony and Dominyk. So evn though it might be boundary crossing, I'm letting you know. They are saints.

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Little Wonder said...

May God watch over your Salinda and her li'l one.

I was a 36 week inducee---it took 3days for my Maddie to get here...I started at 7PM on a Wednesday and didn't deliver until 1AM on Saturday. Patience is a virtue, I hear, but I've yet to learn that! I hope you don't have to wait that long for the grandbaby!