Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Anything Can Happen on a Snow Day

Remember the movie back in 2000? Kids sleeping in, snow stopped, sun shining, kids playing outside, new love ... and the slogan, anything can happen on a snow day.

Well, this is a snow day and it isn't going to be quite like the movie. It's 9 degrees outside, with a windchill of -15. The snow is blowing and it is forecast to continue to fall all day. The wind is sharp, cold and powerful, and there will be nobody interested in playing outside in it. Our two most difficult children area already awake and I hear them upstairs with my wonderful husband who is making breakfast. I do not lie, but at 8:17 a.m. I'm hearing the words "Give me some pop. Please. Please. I need some pop NOW" and the chorus of "knock it offs" that I hear as Tony and Dominyk pound on each other.

it's nice though, to have the excuse to all be here and not going anywhere. Bart and I will work as well as spend time with the kids off and on and Bart is baking a coffee cake that is to die for (thanks to Judy in Brookings who made it for us in November and shared the recipe!).

I am excited about a new program for my emails and I'm planning to initiate that today. Since I love new technology I should be fairly motivated. I'm also working on the bookkeeping for our company which

Last night I left my computer at 7 p.m. for the night to watch the biggest loser finale. Watching TV with Dominyk is really not all that fun, even though commercials can be entertaining. He is much more interesting than they are. However, during the show it is almost impossible to hear anything on the show.

However you gotta love someone who, when discussing the advantages of brushing ones teeth says something like, "White teeth are nice, but I think I'd rather use my breath as a secret weapon."


FosterAbba said...

What would happen if you just stopped buying soda pop and didn't have it in the house?

Claudia said...

We've tried that and honestly we don't buy it very often.

If it isn't in the house he obsesses with us going out to buy him one ... asking to have money to go buy one, or for a chore to do to earn money to buy one, or asking to ride his bike to go buy one......