Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Conclusion of the Conundrum and Baby News

Well, what the issue was was a winter coat. Wind chill was -15 today so iit really is a need, not a want. The fact that we have some old ones around here that would have done ok was what was bothering me but this is a kid who won't wear something if he doesn't look cool. Period.

So Bart and I talked about it and decided on a reasonable price for a coat -- and decided to offer to spend a bit less than that and ask him to make up the difference by working it off. He was cooperative and actually found one for less than what we offered to pay so he doesn't owe us anything.

It appears that other bloggers have been struggling with the same thing as Cindy and the Adoption Counselor both blogged about it today. I appreciate everyone's comments and responses on my post this morning. It helps to know that people have gone through the same thing and that others are dealing with it now.

And, since I may not have a chance to blog tomorrow (leaving early for a court hearing -- adoption finalization for one of my families) I should probably let you know that I received this text from Salinda tonight.

Hey. I went to the doctor today and he talked to the urologist and the urologist said to deliver the baby already.

So I'm rearranging my next 48 hours in my head and I text back, "WOW!!!! When?????

and she texts:

ya. LoL. But my doctor doesn't want to. So he said if I can hold off for five days I'll be good. ANd she has already turned and he says I'm a few weeks ahead and she will come early. He checked my cervix and said he could feel her head.

So, that means we should be welcoming a grandchild within the next week or so. I confess that I am wondering how I will feel. I am not like "most people" in how I respond to things, but who knows? Maybe I"ll be one of those sick people with pictures I'll be whipping out every five seconds to show people. You never know. And maybe this blog will be an endless series of photos of her. Or maybe I won't respond that way. I really don't know.

But it will be nice if the baby is here for Christmas and comes at a time where the roads are easy to travel. And it would be really nice if she isn't in labor forever.

But most importantly, if Gabriella Marie is healthy and her mother is as well, it's all that really matters.


Treasured Grace said...

Wow thats exciting and scary all at the same time. Looking forward to seeing pics of your beautiful new granddaughter:)

DynamicDuo said...

praying for the safe arrival of the newest member of your family! I have a deep suspicion you will be the gushing grandma! all baby talk and eyes full of wonder...

Little Wonder said...

Congrats, Grandma-to-be, and I love the name! THis brings back so many memories of our little girl's (whom you met at a meeting in Nov. in New Ulm) birth. It was a very similar situation...I just can't blog publicly the details.