Thursday, December 24, 2009

Looks Like I Made a Good Decision

Just got a text from Salinda. It looks like they are going to send her home today and have her come back on Monday morning. So apparently I didn't miss anything. But my poor daughter is very unhappy. Her Christmas isn't going to be fun and her birthday (also on Christmas) is ruined. She can't come home because of the storm and she is not with us over the holidays.

Fortunately I have learned over the years to keep my mouth shut. Of course I want to remind her that all of this is a result of choices she has made along the way, but I am simply a sounding board that tells her how sorry I am that things aren't as she wishes. I remind her that once you are a parent, things really aren't about you any way. She contends that she isn't a parent yet. ;-)

So via texts over the next few days I will remind her that we love and miss her and she will begin the life away from us that she has dreamed of a little bit sooner than she had planned. And we'll be here as support and a back up plan as things happen in the future.

And I'm heading up now to thank my husband for keeping me from over-reacting this morning and heading back up there. He's a smart man.

Less than 24 hours from now the build up and stress of Christmas will be over and we will be able to relax. We are here, safe and sound, for the duration of the storm and if all goes as the doctor plans, we'll be able to head up Monday for the birth of our granddaughter. But I think maybe this time I"ll see if I can talk to the doctor or nurse first. :-)

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