Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's not THAT they do it, it's HOW they do it

I"m all for giving kids wings. Good strong wings. And I don't mind it when they start to fly.

But if they could just not poop on me when they take off it would be nice.

Wasn't he an adorable little boy?

If John would have sat down and told us, "Hey, I have this friend and his family would like me to move in. I think it would be better for me. Thanks for all you've done. I hope we can stay in touch. I'll call and visit often." I would have warned him about the possible repercussions, but I would have given him a hug and said goodbye, knowing that he would be back soon as soon as that whole thing didn't work out so well.

But instead he slinks out one night, tell us he's staying "with a friend" and then only stops by briefly a few times to get his stuff and his brothers' things and then contacts us a week later when he needs money. When I attempt to explain to him how that makes us feel used he gets mad and threatens never to speak to me again, which I simply laughed at knowing he needed money. Eventually he figures out how to apologize and then immediately asks if he can come by to get a check. Since it is for his sex offender workbook, I figured I'd LOAN it to him with instructions that he needed to pay that loan back before asking for money.

He stopped by to get it and that is when I found out he had left with Leon's new coat, Ricky's sweeatshirt, and JImmy's backpack. I asked that he bring them by. He promised he would and actually returned about 9;00 to bring them by. He hugged everyone goodbye.

Five minutes later he texted me. "Love you mom. Thanks. Remember, I"m not moving out.

Things that make you go "HUH?"

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