Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some Days Start Well

It's 6:50 on a Wednesday morning. Last night everyone went to bed fairly happy. Most of them are still asleep. Ricardo was up on his own and out the door by 6:30 to lift weights with some of the other wrestlers. JImmy was up on his own and is already in the shower. Others should start popping out of bed any moment. So far, the day is starting well.

Salinda has a doctor's appointment at 2:50 today. At that time we should find out whether or not he is going to induce and if so, when. Since all the information I have usually comes via text and Salinda is sometimes not exactly sure what is happening, I guess we'll just have to wait and see as I really can't predict what will happen. She sent a picture message of his stomach yesterday and she is huge -- much bigger than she was even two weeks ago. We are waiting for the news from the doctor to plan our week/weekend.

I hope your day starts as well as mine has. And I hope mine didn't give me false hope. ;-)

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J. said...

hopefully it will go well... you can always hope that a good start is a good thing.