Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thank God for Blogs

I'm sitting here this morning with a pile of stuff on my desk and way too many possibilities of things to work on. There is a long day ahead with nothing scheduled and I love days like that -- except that for me there is always SO MUCH to do. I can't even relate to bored people.

So I'm thinking we have nothing on the schedule today and then I read Kari's blog and realize that there is CHristmas program practice for Wilson this afternoon. Good thing I didn't forget that. A kid this cute should NOT miss anything.

Wilson and Leon are having a hard time getting used to winter here. This is their 3rd minnesota winter but they still don't understand that even if you are in the house with the heat on, you still need to wear jeans and a sweatshirt. THey walk around in shorts and a tank top complaining about how it's cold in the house.

I just tell them, "Ya'll ain't in texas no mo, boys!"


Kat said...

haha, my texans have always done that too! they never seem to get it that we're not going to turn up the t'stat ($$$) just for them!

regiann2004 said...

HA HA - I love Texas. Since Im single and still wating on a placement, Im sitting in my Ft. Worth living room wearing just a huge Tshirt & socks in mid-Dec. Last year finally bought a coat after not having owned one in 6 years!

Claudia said...

Regiann -- whoever you are. I would love to help match you. If you register with Adopt America I have lots of contacts in Texas..... really good ones right in Fort Worth.