Sunday, December 20, 2009

I should Have blogged this afternoon

Bart preached an amazing sermon. He preached about the words "And While They Were There" from the Christmas story. He talked about how Mary and Joseph found peace in their circumstances and didn't have to "get away" to find peace. They found it "while they were there."

Before the sermon my mind was wondering -- to pregnant Salinda, to Mike in jail, to Kyle who seldom talks to us and thinking about how weird it was that I had a life where those were things I had to be preoccupied with during Christmas time. And then the sermon was great reminder of how I need to be able to allow God to give me peace where I am. I was feeling that peace all afternoon and well into the evening.

Until youth group got out and everything went crazy. Dominyk had a fight with Tony. John had Tony in a headlock. I tried to help calm everyone and got cussed out by all three. it was wonderful.

Peace. Here. Where I am. Gotta keep holding on to that thought.

But had I blogged this afternoon I could have much more eloquently explained the sermon.

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