Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Link and a Funny Story

Here is a link to describe my experience at the YMCA. I am totally blaming Kari who ditched me.

And a completely unrelated experience, but not really, though I'm not explaining the connection, is an interchange between Wilson and I.

A few months ago I explained constipation to him in terms he could understand. I said, "It's when you can't get your poop out."

Two days ago I was heading into the bathroom. He asked me what i was doing and I told him I was going to go poop. He said, "I thought you couldn't get your poop out."

No wonder I'm so crabby! Wilson thinks I've been constipated for 4 months!

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Jill Miller said...

I read you Y shower thing and I couldn't stop laughing and started to cry. Told Brian to read it and he laughed also. Sorry we get our joy from reading your bad morning at the Y.