Sunday, December 20, 2009

Could Someone Please Remind my Children that they live in a Large Family

Sunday morning. 13 of us need to get ready for church. There are a few that I am responsible to wake up and we have a routine that never changes. But the rest of them, who get themselves up, just decide on a whim that they can alter the shower schedule. They get distracted or two tired to shower at night and then in the morning, low and behold, 4 people need to shower in 30 minutes and they all want the same shower.

There are a lot of people in our world who talk about how hard it is to get children up and ready for church. Most of them have two or three kids. For the past 10 years I have gotten at least 7 children up and ready for church and been on time nearly every Sunday and I have done it alone.

Obviously I have not done it without complaining, but hey, what do you think I am, a SAINT?

And every week there is another glitch thrown into the system to make it difficult. At least they offer me variety.


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Kat said...

We have one teenage boy (bio son) who will literally spend an hour in the shower or bathtub if no one yells at him to get out and stop using up the hot water. In our previous house, the water heater was on the main floor and it had a shutoff valve on it. So, on school mornings after this child had been in the shower an appropriate amount of time, whoever was next in line to shower (usually the AFS student living with us at the time) would shut off the hot water.
Got the hot water hog out of the shower pretty quick. :-)

Oh, and btw, an hour in the shower does not necessarily mean that any soap or shampoo entered the picture... or any deo after!