Thursday, December 31, 2009


I did it all by 8 a.m.. I held her, I rocked her, I fed her, I burped her, I changed her, and I sat while she looked at me for the longest time. We had great conversations, she and I. I have never seen a little face have so many expressions -- even when she is asleep her brow furrows, her lips purse, her cheeks twitch, and she grimaces. I love to watch her.

The room is so peaceful. Henry, Salinda and I are the only ones here and we have taken turns holding her. Salinda is feeling much better today -- up and about and holding the baby. It's so nice here.

But today I will re-enter my real world. Bart will bring most of the other boys up to see the baby and then I'll go home attempt to re-enter reality. I go back to work on Monday and the kids need to be back in a routine with school and everything. It's been a crazy chaotic holiday season with the blizzard and the baby and it's time for things to get back to normal.

And normal for me is not peaceful.

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nancy said...

I started @ the top of 12/31 and read here last. Just hold on to as much of the "sweetness 'n' light" of these moments ... you need them!