Friday, December 16, 2005

Blessed Quietness

I'm alone in a hotel room and it is perfectly quiet. It is also warm in here, which is a luxury, since my husband likes to set the heat at 42 in the winter and the air conditioning at 42 in the summer. Ok, so maybe I'm exagerrating. And since I can always put on more clothes, it doesn't sense for him to be hot as he can't take off any.

I wasn't really hungry tonight, which is a shame since I'm in the metro area where there is every restaurant you can think of. However, I thought of these Vietnamese egg rolls that Bart always gets when he comes here and then I was fixated. Had to call him on the cell to get the address and then went and got some.

You know, it's amazing how even the very very bright and educated can be real dorks. I ordered 4 egg rolls so I could take two back to bart (they are almost better the second day). Well, he gave me 4 egg rolls -- 4 orders. I wondered why they were so expensive, but since I had never ordered from there before I figured they were some kind of special egg rolls. So I walked out with 8 egg rolls -- a little too much for supper. Then I got to the hotel and couldn't get my door open because the lever is supposed to go up not down. So I had to walk down the stairs with my bag, and egg rolls, and computer to tell them I couldn't get in the door. She asked me if I had lifted the lever up. So I tried that and by the time Melvin the Maintenance Man (really his name) met me at the door, i had actually gotten it open.

Bart says everything is going perfectly at home. John announced that he'll be home in 2 weeks. Then Bart announced something that we're going to announce to the world in a week that nobody knows yet, and they are happy with that too. So, alls right in the world for the Fletchers tonight. Tomorrow morning I will pick up Kyle and head home.

Cindy is jealous of me tonight. She says that if she had to choose between a night in a hotel with George Clooney or a night in a hotel alone, she'd choose alone and just sit and listen to the silence and the novelty of going hours with nobody saying "Mom." Later she recanted and said she'd rather be with George for a half hour and then spend the rest of the night alone, but she's probably going to make me erase that part. At least I'm not putting what you said after that, girlfriend.

I'd rather be here all night with Bart, but since that isn't possible, alone is the next best thing. No interest whatsoever in George or any other studly actor...

I'm going to bed early. Ahhhhhh the silence.

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