Wednesday, December 07, 2005

this just occurred

i'm in my bedroom with the laptop, explaining my reluctance to shift.

bart had confirmation tonight and they had a "sword drill" -- something I did as a wesleyan all the time as a child, but something that united methodists don't do much. i could be sarcastic here and say something rude but i'm resisting the urge. anyway, a sword drill is when everyone looks up a Bible verse and reads it -- whoever finds it first gets a point. I pointed out to bart that i could beat anyone in our congregation in a sword drill hands down, especially when he told me that he was giving five points for verse that could be said by memory.

he started to quiz me by saying, "Psalm 1:1" and i jumped in with the verse, continuing to verse 3 or 4. He did several others -- John 15:1, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 12:1, etc.

Tony comes in and listens for a while and then said, "mom do that one that starts with Peter Piper Picked....'

tony is definitely not a wesleyan...

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