Thursday, December 01, 2005

Climbing out for a moment

Back into the zone today trying to figure out which kids are still available.

Last night I had dreams all night trying to match kids. The teens haunt me at night. Their faces, their profiles. You can tell I’m obsessed because I blog about this so much.

But here’s the deal. Today I am attempting to follow up on all of the kids on my matching bash charts. I’ve been doing this for about 7 hours straight. have even left the laundry to sit because I am so determined to get caught up on this.

Not including the ones I have to add, there are 51 boys ages 11-14 that I have been trying to find homes for. Most of them are from Florida, Texas, Washington and Missouri. Every month I check on them to see if they have been matched with a family. Guess how many were this month?


Yup, just two. And I can bet that the workers haven’t even seen a homestudy for most of the other 49.

I haven’t even started the 15-17 charts. Those are even more depressing.

Who is going to do this? Where are we going to find people willing to rescue these kids and give them their only shot?

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