Sunday, December 04, 2005

How many men are in the world?

I often ask myself, “How many men are in this world?” There’s gotta be billions. And even if you narrowed them down to the ones within 5 years of my age who speak English, there would still be millions I bet.

So, this time of year, I start to ask myself, “What was I thinking to marry a man from this god-forsaken frozen stupid state?

And last night, we had a parade. A Winter Fest parade. Every year we go and we sit on a chair on main street and I usually have several children sitting on me or by me trying to keep warm and me trying to keep them warm. ANd they whine and cry and don’t have fun.

This year, I wanted to skip the whole thing, but my daughters and son Rand were instrumental in making our church float happen, so I needed to see it. But it was 7 DEGREES, and that was without the windchill. Last weekend it was 40, I think. Drastic change and I wasn’t ready for it.

So, I went to the church, sat inside, went out long enough to see our float, and then returned to the semi-warmth of the church. Dominyk did the same and snapped this picture, which totally depicts my mood.

I was proud of my girls and Rand and their stick-to-itiveness in making the float happen, but it was just too stinking cold!!!


Mary said...

I think you've found your Christmas card photo!

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