Friday, December 23, 2005

The Evil Twin

We used to tease Salinda about having an evil twin sister. Since Linda in spanish means beautiful, we called her evil twin Sa-Fea (fea means ugly). Whenever she would have a bad mood moment, little Safea would replace Salinda and we knew we were in for it.

Salinda and I had a wonderful time at her party (as you can see by the picture, her friends were pretty happy too). Salinda was fun, gracious, kind, and is drop-dead gorgeous in her bathing suit. However, the moment we walked into the house Salinda disappeared and Safea appeared.

Now, you have to understand that I was dealing with 8 kids who hadn’t seen me in 24 hours and they ALL wanted a piece of me. Salinda, however, wanted to see the pictures she took this morning and last night, and when she wasn’t getting priority attention, Safea took over. It was ugly.

We recovered from our homecoming but it took a while. LIterally people were running out to get something from me the second I drove into the driveway. “Mom, can you take me to the store? Mom, where’s the tape. Mom I don’t feel good. Etc. Etc. Etc. Sadie has a cold, Dominyk is getting sick and had a meltdown because the yo yo he got from his teacher wasn’t working and he was obsessing about it. Kyle wanted to get out the door with Dominyk to shop, Rand was in line to get yelled about almost getting fired, John just wanted a hug, Tony wanted to go to the store, Jimmy and Rand wanted permission to go with Kyle when they knew I had already said no . . . and so it went.

Within a couple days, all this frantic Christmas stuff will be over, and I’m not leaving overnight again for a few weeks, so hopefully things will mellow out!

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