Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's 9:12 and I'm in Shock

It’s 9:12 and nobody is awake except Bart (who is already at the office) and I. Oops. I spoke to soon. I just heard rumblings. But these kids must have been VERY tired because I don’t remember the last time they were all still asleep at 9:12.

Kind of nice to get some rest.

I have a couple work projects that I need to try and get done while parenting this morning. If I get them done, I’m contemplating a clothes-shopping trip for Mike and John and Jimmy, who is down to 2 pair of church pants and no jeans.

Used to be we could hand down and hand down but after puberty everyone has a different waste size -- ranging from 30-42 so It’s tricky to hand down at that point. But we’ve spent so much money lately that we’re going to have to stop!

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