Saturday, December 31, 2005

Saying Goodbye to 2005 without a tear

2005 has by far been the most difficult year of our married lives, and probably the most difficult year of my life. The scrutinization of our family by the county, combined with having three of our sons gone from our home made it very difficult. While there have been good things that have happened, the whole year was overshadowed by the cloud of self-deprication and disappointment that we should have been able to do better.

But just like each day is new, each year is new also and we are hopeful that 2006 will be a better year.

I’m getting ready to put together a compilation of pictures from our new worship service that I am going to make a multimedia presentation with using the Seasons of Love song from Rent. I’m excited about the project and will spend most of the day working on it along with slides. Bart is busy cleaning and it’s so great that he does so (even though I often feel guilty for not doing more of it myself.

I may have another more reflective blog entry for the year end in me for later today.

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