Sunday, December 04, 2005

People are going to think that I am exaggerating...

but I have seriously spent the last hour and a half doing nothing but handing out consequences and trying to deal with behaviors. I have had six different kids have to have serious conversations with me about their attitudes or behavior, and I have one more coming home to that a few minutes later.

Some of the situations have been minor, others have been somewhat major, nothing really out of the ordinary. The sad thing is that Salinda is a girl and almost 13. That is very, very, very sad. Because now I don’t have to deal with the nasty venom spewing hateful words that come out of her mouth about how much she hates me and this family every time she gets in trouble. She has to tell me what a bad parent I am and how her younger brothers are so awful and how it’s our fault they are and how bad her dad is and on and on and on.

Every time that she gets a consequence, she has to turn it into ours of discussion with no results, really. Except that we get to move on to the next few OK days until she gets mad again.

I think I’d probably be pretty mad most of the time if I had younger brothers like hers as well, but oh what it does to my blood sugar, blood pressure, and mental stability when she starts her long lecture about how pathetic my parenting is.

it doesn’t help that i am feeling quite overwhelmed by both of my jobs right now and that Christmas is indeed coming, and it’s not only the goose that’s getting fat.

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