Thursday, December 08, 2005

Want nothing, need nothing, blessed

For the first time in my life I seriously can think of NOTHING that I want for Christmas. I really truly have everything I want and need.

I’m having a very hard time coming up with a Christmas list this year.

Usually there is some technological gadget that I’ve been craving, but as you can see I really have everything I need in that arena. I even looked through Mac Connection catalogs trying to find something, and I couldn’t.

Now, there are a few things that would be fun to have, like a computer game or some cool new software, but the problem with that is I would not have time to use them. I could get lost in The Sims 2 for example and spend hundreds of hours creating a world where I could make people do things (very unlike my own real world). But what is the point of buying it if I wouldn’t have time to use it. Same thing goes for lots of scrapbooking supplies. I could easily purchase them, but if I don’t sit down and use them, then they just sit around for Dominyk to get into and obsess about and steal.

Food items are out. I’d enjoy them, but I don’t need them, and shouldn’t eat them. Clothes, I’m sure, wouldn’t be an option, because I’m going to lose lots of weight soon and then they’d be too big. :-)

i don’t do fu-fus (my word for meaningless decorations that don’t serve any purpose than to look good) and I have enough pictures, frames, etc.

I guess office supplies would be an option, since I never can seem to find my stapler, my pens, my scissors, but those are kind of boring gifts.

Though this is starting to sound negative, it certainly wasn’t my point. I may just ask for the Sims 2 so that I can have it around for times when I decide to give myself a break.

But the point of blogging this is not to complain about why I don’t have time to use anything, but to say what an incredibly blessed person I am. Just arriving at the Christmas season well fed, with a roof over my head, clothes on my back, heat and electricity at my disposal, and surrounded by ten kids, all great in their own way, and an awesome husband, puts me far ahead of most of the world. The fact that I can’t think of anything I need or want certainly doesn’t mean that we are rich, but simply that I’ve learned to be content with what I have and to realize just how blessed I am.

But just because there isn’t anything I want or need doesn’t mean that there aren’t a whole lot of really cool things purchased and in my mind that are going to make my kids very happy. I obviously can’t blog them, because if they read this it would ruin everything, but after Christmas I’ll share with you several really cool surprises that my kids are going to get. My husband is getting a great gift as well.

I guess I’m becoming a true mom after all. There is nothing more that I want for Christmas than to see my family surprised and happy . . . and I have many possibilities brewing!

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