Saturday, December 17, 2005

Definition of Luxury

For a mother of ten, the definition of luxury is definitely different than that of a manhattan career woman, but I experienced 12 hours of luxury.

Here is how it is defined.

1) SIlence. I have not had the TV or the radio or the volume of my computer on at all since I got here. It has been completely silent.

2) Uninterrupted sleep. Nobody had a nightmare, nobody puked or peed the bed, nobody snuck out of their room or into mine, and nobody called to say that anyone had run away, nobody had to go the ER, in fact, nobody was even next to me that had to get up in the night and there was no dog that had to go out.

3) I woke up when I felt like it. I slept as long as I could and then laid there until I felt like getting up. Nobody made me get up nor asked me to get up.

4) I had unlimited bathroom time. This allowed me to shave my legs, which I haven't made time to do since I last wore shorts (don't even start thinking about it or it might gross you out). I also shaved into a tub that I am not going to have to feel guilty that Bart has to clean (he does bathrooms in our house) nor will I have to call the plummer if the trees that I chopped off clog up the drain.

5) I will leave the room and not think about it nor have to see it again. I will not have to come here tonight and realize that I really should organize my clothes or that I should have made the bed or that I should at least have taken my cup downstairs to the kitchen.

So, luxury it is. BUt now it is time to pack up and head out to get Kyle and go back to my house. He just Imd me to say he is ready.

John left me a cute cell phone message last night saying goodnight. Sweet.

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