Friday, December 16, 2005

Miscellaneous Gobbledygook

Remember the Conspiracy to Annoy US Parents? Well, this morning is another example. The weather is not bad. Snow is not blowing. We didn’t even bother to check the TV this morning, just got everyone up and ready to go until Salinda yells, “MOM! I just heard on the radio. School is two hours late!” Lucky us. Now everyone is up and they still have 2 hours before they can go to school.

This is combined with a couple of other pieces to the conspiracy. First of all, our oldest son who, and I quote, wrote this in his weekly email this past Sunday: “Anyway.. I still gotta find a ride, but don't worry you won't have to bring me back thats for sure” called last night to say he needs a ride. He’s four hours away and has to be out of the dorm by Saturday at noon. None of his friends from other schools are coming ho me until Sunday night. I suppose we could make him sleep out in the cold, but instead I’m going. In addition, I have a home visit which is half way there after school today, so I’m getting a night alone in a hotel and I get to sleep in until 8:30 ish before picking him up to come back here. That part is not the annoying piece -- the annoying piece is that I will be leaving 8 kids here alone with their dad, and who knows what could happen. Makes me nervous. Not because he is incapable, but because sometimes they are horrible for him and it makes me feel very, very guilty.

In addition, we have a meeting at the ranch (in the other direction from my appointment this afternoon) at 10 that one of is going to have to be late to, now that the kids are going to school late. During that meeting we will be getting a DISCHARGE DATE for John, which is very cool. We are ready to have him home and he is sure ready to be here.

Last night Dominyk got obsessed with one of the paraprofessionals at the school. He ranted for a good thirty minutes. “I am going to have to hurt _____”. She is SO annoying. She has been tormenting me since preschool. She always yells at me. She tells me I can CONTROL my behavior. Doesn’t she know I have ADHD (with the emphasis on the D). I’m going to sue her -- THAT will give her a taste of her own medicine.“ He went on and on until I finally found a topic that interested him and he could get his mind off of it.

Just now, he came walking down the stairs, singing a little tune he made up (and I am NOT kidding here, oh how I wish I was)

Who wants to see me crush your nuts, crush your nuts, crush your nuts
Who wants to see me crush your nuts?

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