Friday, December 02, 2005

Nothing Excites Me More

There are a lot of things that I like a lot. And I’m passionate about several things. But if you want me to get down right excited (other than telling me about kids matched and/or going home) then buy me another technological gadget.

Right now i have the following:

A G-5 running Mac OS Tiger (10.4)
Big, cool speakers
A USB Microphone
Four digital still cameras: One that works perfectly, one that kind of works, one that sometimes works, and one that doesn’t work at all
A Digital Video Camera
Card readers for all of the above
A Scanner
A laser printer that doesn’t really work any more
A photo printer
A lexmark z32 printer
A scanner/photo/copier/fax that is really not mine but owned by the agency i work for but I use it.
An external hardrive
A USB musical keyboard
A graphics pad
Lots of great software including things like Photoshop CS2, Go Live, Live Motion, Final Cut Express, and t how
I also own several books about how to use the software.

Today I bought a second hard drive, as pictures of kids that I can’t make myself throw away (in case they become available again or whatever) is hogging my space and I can’t do what I need to do. So as we speak, I am transferring last years pictures over to the hard drive. I know, I could burn like 20 DVDs, but then the files wouldn’t be accessible when say, I decide I need to blog about Dominyk’s 3rd birthday because it comes to mind and I need that picture from 6 years ago.

Today I was telling my husband more about Cindy's life and told him that she had two passions: Adoption and Gardening. She grows flowers and HGTV and growing her own food. In fact, I explained it to Bart this way: Cindy loves gardening as much as I love my Mac. He got it.

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