Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Whole Lotta Nothing

Well, the kids have been gone for seven hours and I have sat at my desk for a lot of that time and not much has happened. I had big plans but most of what I was doing was little details and for every little detail I ran into a little glitch.

Started the morning with a staffing, then an ortho appointment with Salinda who spoke all of 15 words to me during the whole time. However, it was encouraging to me to go to the office and watch every other kid her age scowling, sitting across the room from their parents, and not acknowledging their parents existence until they had to at the end when the receptionist required both parent and teen to be at the counter together (how DARE her).

Then came home and tried to wade through stacks, which only seemed to lead to more stacks. I tried ordering Christmas presents online and things were out of stock. Tried making phone calls and was put on hold. I’ve been trying to reserve a hotel room all week and can’t get them to help me. It’s so annoying.

so, even though I did get a few annoying tasks out of the way, my desk is still a mess...

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