Friday, March 23, 2007

Those Few Minutes of Stress

I cut things too short. It hapens sometimes. Transitions are hard for the kids anyway, and this time there was no time for any opposition. And I found it in the most unlikely place.

Sadie decided she wasn't coming. It was too late, she had to come. There was no way I was letting her make that decision and yet she refused to move. I hate to drag her, or pick her up and carry her, so it took me a whole 10 extra minutes. Meanwhile Tony and Dominyk were fighting and screaming, Jimmy was having a quiet oppositional moment about not getting the front seat. Tony was cussing and screaming (he picks up on any stress there is) and Dominyk's PCA was just standing there, so happy she wasn't me. It was an absolute horrible 12 minutes.

The funny thing was, the second we pulled out of the driveway everything was OK. I knew it would be. The trip was great. The kids are now at the pool. I did a placement (kid is VERY cute, and such a nice kid) and now I am sitting outside borrowing the wireless signal again. I need to reserve a hotel room and so I need to find the number to call... then I'm going to head to the pool and watch the kids swim a while and then we'll head to the hotel.

Salinda and Rand are home -- I won't even begin to explain her mood. Rand's is fine.

I'm still feeling conjected and lousy. I'm not planning on sleeping much tonight because everyone will be coughing, but maybe if we lie there long enough.

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